Susie Heale founded Heale Solutions

Susie Heale has over 10 years’ experience in learning and development. She has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands in the design and delivery of award-winning (and most importantly, innovative and exciting) international learning and development interventions with budgets ranging from £2000 to £600,000.

Susie works in four key areas:
· Expert training and facilitation
· Bespoke session design
· Off-the-shelf sessions
· Consulting

Susie’s style is engaging, professional and innovative and she consistently scores 4.8 and above in her satisfaction ratings from participants and clients. 

Susie is a Leaders Plus fellow and balances corporate experience with a background in international development, youth and criminal justice. 

She lives in London with her husband and daughter. When she isn't working, Susie loves the madness of travelling with children and working out in one of those cool warehouse gyms. 

Gabriel Davis


Deputy Head of Asset Management: Orsted

I have never met a trainer who is so natural and obviously being themselves, rather than putting on a bit of a performance. Susie connects with people so quickly and it was clear that everyone trusted her right from the beginning. 

Susannah Hardyman


CEO: Action Tutoring 


The sessions Susie designed and delivered received the highest feedback scores I've ever seen from the team for training. What especially impressed me about Susie was her ability to make the sessions incredibly fun and engaging whilst also making sure some very solid learning was going on - nothing was done as a gimmick or time filler, but had a great purpose behind it. I would highly recommend Susie to other organisations.