Sometimes off the shelf just doesn’t meet your specific training needs. That’s when Heale Solutions can work with you to design a fully bespoke solution built on your needs and context. We’ll work in partnership to identify the desired outcomes, the content areas and the delivery style that works best for your people within your context. 

½ Day Training Session


Working with a global bank, Susie designed a half-day training session around the specific needs of individuals moving to senior leadership positions bespoke to their specific values framework.  Areas covered included line management, emotional intelligence, communication and managing stress. This training was rolled out nationally on an annual basis and received satisfaction ratings of over 95%. 

Full-Day Training Session


Working with a global transportation tech company, Susie designed a day of bespoke training to address unique behavioural challenges in customer service. The training used experiential and immersive methods to upskill participants across the four key areas of resilience, conflict management, influence and problem solving. Following exceptional satisfactions reaching 100% good or excellent, this was rolled out across Europe and Asia. 

Multi-day conference


Working with an international FinTech company, Susie designed a two-part experience. Part one focussed on training in self-awareness as a leader, problem solving, negotiation and influence and managing change. Part two saw participants apply their learning to specific business contexts through gamified simulations. As part of this, Susie also designed keynotes for senior leaders and influencers.  

Nick Rowland


Africa Regional Recruitment Manager


Susie personifies positive energy, creativity and passion. She is meticulous in her preparation, understanding the needs of those she works with but, at the same time, open to changing needs and direction. She is a fantastic communicator, quickly putting people at ease, and is great at facilitating discussion.

Rachel Irving


Training Manager

When collaborating on session design Susie guides thinking and supports colleagues. She is a joy to co-facilitate with and brings energy and passion to every session. In the time I have worked with Susie I have witnessed how her work has positively impacted clients nationally.