Susie is an expert facilitator with over 10 years experience delivering client content and self-designed content. Susie has facilitated sessions for some of the UK’s largest companies and global firms , including international law firms, the Big Four, global banks, FMCG companies and international development charities. 

Audiences span senior executives, managers, graduates and interns. Susie has particular expertise in delivering training on skills that enable individuals to step-up during times of change, such as promotion, transitions to and from internal graduate or management programmes and during times of growth for companies. Susie has experience delivering a huge range of business competencies and brings a fresh perspective with the most recent trends and research. 

Susie is also an associate trainer with leading UK training agencies.

Before facilitating, Susie works with you to understand the audience and supplements her mastery of the content with her own relevant anecdotes. In the room, Susie is confident and adaptable, flexing her style in the moment to ensure every participant is engaged. After facilitating, Susie is eager to debrief and gather feedback to ensure client satisfaction.

Verena Hefti


CEO Leaders Plus 

Susie is a highly experienced facilitator who is excellent at engaging a diverse group of people. She delivers content dynamically, always adapting it to her audience. 

Fiona Campbell


Director of Digital, BBC News

Susie facilitated a Leaders Plus event at the House of Commons which I attended - it involved corporate leaders, social media influencers, academics and action groups - she organised the debate and kept it succinct and meaningful. 

Everyone felt included and positive about the joint experience not an easy task in my working group experience - an A1 facilitator