Heale Solutions has a brilliant suite of off-the-shelf sessions. Each one is grounded in research, practical, high impact and experiential.  Sessions are typically 2-3 hours long.  Below are some of our current offering but we are constantly in design mode so get in touch if you have something that you would like us to create. 


 Pitch Perfect: The HIIT session of Powerful Presenting.    

We fire through high impact body, mind and behavioural techniques to craft and land succinct messages, before applying these through a practical structure. This session is suitable for people looking to improve their presentation, pitching or meeting skills. 

Participants leave with:

  • TED level methods of finding clarity on key messages.
  • A re-furbished  and innovative communication skills toolkit.
  • The ability to apply compelling communication methods to improve engagement and connection. 


Agile Feedback: A fresh approach to feedback for the modern working world. 

  This session looks at the value of feedback and how we can create sustainable feedback cultures that enhance performance without adding another item to our to-do list. We look at keeping feedback agile, balanced and moving in every direction.  

Participants leave with:  

  • An appreciation of how feedback can help them, their colleagues and their organisation.  
  • An understanding of how to overcome barriers to a positive feedback culture. 
  • The ability to give and receive exceptional feedback suitable for the modern workplace. 


Line Management Relationships: You, Them and Us. 

  We believe that relationships are at the heart of management. This working session enables participants to consider their own needs, values and motivations before turning to those they manage. We run at some of the biggest challenges in line management, like those conversations we all avoid! 

Line managers leave with: 

  • Increased self-awareness and an interest in understanding others. 
  • Tools and techniques to improve management relationships at work. 
  • Motivation to improve working relationships and a direction of trave


 Parent Positive Supervision: Working together with Working Parenthood. 

This refreshingly honest session is based on the unique insight we received when surveying over 100 parents, balanced with an understanding of the complexity of running a business. We look at day to day challenges, the science of trust and other human skills to equip participants to maximise the potential of this talent group. 

Line managers and leaders leave with: 

  • The ability to tackle common challenges associated with managing working parents. 
  • The ability to utilise models, processes and techniques to support the positive supervision of parents. 
  • Appreciation of career progression in the modern working world, where up isn't the only way forward. 


 The Flex-Formula: A Strategy for Win-Win Flexible Working Outcomes. 

This HR expert and employment lawyer approved session focuses on specific business skills that, when dialled up, increase the chances of flexible working going well for everyone. We look at systems and stakeholders to understand impact. We empower people to design experiments and create visions for flexible working. Flexibility isn't a mum issue, it's the future. This session gets you ready.

Managers and Leaders leave with: 

  • Increased awareness of the benefits of flexible working. 
  • A simple formula and the business skills required to enable win-win flexible working outcomes. 
  • The confidence and skills to experiment safely with job design and creative arrangements to retain talent. 



Connecting Through Communication: A Thorough and Thoughtful Improvement Plan. 

This session breaks communication down into bitesized chunks to enable participants make small pivots for huge impacts. We use the freshest science and theory (coupled with a good dollop of common sense) on areas such as listening, communication killers, trust and relationships for a course that your colleagues will be delighted you attended! 

 Participants leave with: 

  • An appreciation for the power of listening and how to use it for influence and relationship building. 
  • Refreshed awareness (with expert tips) of classic communication skills. 
  • A unique improvement plan to make the most out of your interactions going forward. 

Emily Lomax


Founder and Coach - Emily Is

Susie writes sessions that work for clients and brings the best research and insight forward in a digestible and useful way. I would recommend working with Susie on her off-the-shelf session designs. 

Vishal Gudhka


Senior Events Manager

Susie and I worked together on L&D and training-related events, involving both design and delivery of immersive and impactful sessions that always hit the client's learning objectives. Susie worked with clients across multiple industries, from retail to investment banking and law firms, in designing and delivering 90-minute to two-day sessions, which all received fantastic feedback from client project teams and the attendees of the sessions.