Helping Organisations to Retain and Engage Parent Talent


Susie set up Heale Solutions during her maternity whilst becoming a Leaders Plus Fellow. She became fascinated by the parent talent space and set about becoming an expert. She ran round tables at the House of Commons, attended every event going, spoke to experts and networked her socks off. She also surveyed over 100 parents to find out what training would make a difference and you can see the report below. 

Sadly the picture for working parents is bleak with over 54,000 women per year pushed out of their jobs due to having children and 77% of working parents experiencing discrimination at work (EHRC 2016). So, the case for change is strong, and with the growing uptake in shared parental leave, this isn't just about mums. 

Heale Solutions has a suite of sessions available focussing on flexible working, and parent positive supervision and can tailor to work with companies of any size. We have a particular place in our hears for start-up's and SME's who are priced out of large scale programmes, but have an appetite for change and improvement. 

Just released!


Heale Solutions has just released The Flexi-Formula. It is a super practical working session that takes a creative approach to flexible working requests and finding win-win outcomes for employers and employees. 

Advisory Work


Heale Solutions is working with organisations to help them adopt robust parent talent solutions. We are more than happy to talk through our insights and recommendations, as well as collaborating through longer term change initiatives.